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Yes! Finally!!

2016-05-27 22:37:45 by TarotCard0

I finally did it, I managed, just as I said I would. And now, though it isn't great, I have a video up on youtube, and it only took almost a year to finally get off my lazy butt enough to do it.

If anyone would like to see it, then you can watch it by clicking the link at the end (I don't know how to make videos appear on a news post).

Hopefully I'll be able to keep going strong like this. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, I made a lot of promises last year that I couldn't go though on because I'm the unluckiest man alive and my hardware died on me before I could make backups. I hope that this is a sign that my luck is finally turning around, I've begun re-working some of the art assets I lost when the laptop died, and I will eventually be able to release that game I promised for Stencyl Jam 2015, especially since I found out that this computer can in fact run Stencyl and Flash games.

Until then, thank you for your patience, and here’s that video I promised last year.

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=6Hew12Dc63o

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It's June... now what?

2015-06-11 14:19:25 by TarotCard0

Well with most of the art assets of my game locked in a bricked computer, the only computer that could

1. Work for extended hours without crashing.

2. Run Stencyl / flash games without lag or doing that weird thing where the main character moves in one direction forever.

3. Go online and play flash games.

If I could get that laptop up for like, 10 minutes, I could at least get my assets back.

Well, while I wait for my luck to turn around I think I’ll kill some time by making videos... of course I don’t have flash so I guess I’ll hang around Youtube for a while, and when I find something that I’m able to do here I’ll come back.

If anyone's reading this than farewell for now, see you on youtube.

About Stencyl Jam 2015

2015-05-01 17:15:24 by TarotCard0

May 1. 2015

Good afternoon people of Newgounds. Well, Stencyl Jam 2015 is almost over and it's about time you learned the truth: Stencyl is not easy to use. yes it is very simple when compared to the actual writing of code but just because something is easy by comparison does not mean that it is easy. It took me more than a year to find out how to do the most basic of things with Stencyl, and because of this I decided I would try to make a simple game for Stencyl Jam, but even that was proving difficult. The game was, and still is, progressing slowly for a number of reasons including several hardware problems with the one computer we have that can test our Stencyl games and all of us getting sick thus putting my project into development hell and Stencyl 3.3 "Fixing" the sh*t out of everything that worked and me having to start the game all over, which is one thing when you're playing a game and a whole 'nother thing when you're building one from scratch!

At the rate things are going I will unfortunately, most likely, release the game some time in late may, well after the Stencyl Jam deadline. But I'd rather delay a good project than release a rushed one.

Thanks to GameKrazzyProduction, PineappleHeadFilms, BlueDragonMusic, Masl123 for all of the music, and Hectate from Reddit for all his help, I will not let you down! This game is happening, weather it's released in time for Stencyl Jam or not.

If you like Harvest Moon or other games like that, you're bound to like this game. Wish me luck. And thank you all for your support.

[Update] Too late, it looks like I’ve failed to meet the deadline. The one computer we had that I could build and test my Stencyl games on has died. This project has been put on indefinite hiatus until we can somehow get a new computer.