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Entry #3

Yes! Finally!!

2016-05-27 22:37:45 by TarotCard0

I finally did it, I managed, just as I said I would. And now, though it isn't great, I have a video up on youtube, and it only took almost a year to finally get off my lazy butt enough to do it.

If anyone would like to see it, then you can watch it by clicking the link at the end (I don't know how to make videos appear on a news post).

Hopefully I'll be able to keep going strong like this. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, I made a lot of promises last year that I couldn't go though on because I'm the unluckiest man alive and my hardware died on me before I could make backups. I hope that this is a sign that my luck is finally turning around, I've begun re-working some of the art assets I lost when the laptop died, and I will eventually be able to release that game I promised for Stencyl Jam 2015, especially since I found out that this computer can in fact run Stencyl and Flash games.

Until then, thank you for your patience, and here’s that video I promised last year.

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=6Hew12Dc63o

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